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Penetrating anchors fail in waterproof tile shower

The ominous forces of darkness always lurk in the mundane and seemingly harmless places of our lives, then all of a sudden... BOOM! This reality is perfectly depicted in the "Lord of the Rings" sequel, “The Two Towers". The scene picks up with Théoden, King of Rohan deciding to take his people to Helm's Deep for safety, that impenetrable fortress, capable of stopping the advancing forces of Saruman.

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Tile Niches vs. Organization & Assist Agenda

One of the most influential characteristics of the U.S. tile industry is its capacity to help consumers discover their “style” personality. For this reason alone, tile manufacturers produce literally thousands and tens of thousands of size, color and texture combinations, just so individuals can say, "I love my tile shower." When considering personality, durability and longevity together, the industry collectively creates one of the most successful branding propositions ever.

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