Our Solution

OUR SOLUTION – Accessories coupled with a patented anchoring and waterproofing technology specifically designed and engineered for wall tile construction applications.

OUR PASSION – Consumers are all too familiar with accessory mounting failures: impersonal, unattractive and obtrusive storage baskets, hooks and grab bars loosening and/or pulling away from the wall. Whether it's a traditional tile shower, steam shower or integrated wet-room, accessories should provide consumers with convenience, safety and workability for a lifetime. Unfortunately, for decades upon decades, residential, senior living, medical and hospitality properties have been mounting accessories with hollow-wall anchors, mollies and toggles (which we refer to as “penetrating anchors”) with disappointing results. 

Whether these anchors are plastic or metal, they have historically proven to be completely unreliable, as well as a perpetuating expense and liability. Disturbingly, they violate waterproofing systems and provide an access point for water intrusion into the interior wall-cavity (the space where insulation, plumbing and electrical components are housed). In a construction era where buildings are air-tight, it's imperative that water is unable to leak into the interior wall, otherwise mold and bacteria will grow behind the wall in stale air spaces. In addition to these potential liabilities, improper penetration by any screw-type anchor may negate the manufacturer’s waterproofing warranty, saddling the repair cost entirely on the property owner.

TileWare fixes this problem, once and for all!

OUR TECHNOLOGY - Mounting failures and compromised waterproofing are now things of the past. TileWare introduces our watermark innovation, the PermaTile™ Rough-in Fastener: the only non-penetrating, non-intrusive mortar-based fastening technology that protects waterproofed tile construction systems. Our patented technology combines tile-substrates, thin-set “cement” adhesive, tile and our specially-configured stainless steel fastener into a single monolithic structure... like rebar in cement. TileWare's welded assemblies transfer the mechanical load across multiple adhesive points, instead of a single penetrating drill point. Our blended system becomes one with the wall tile, holding 1175 lbs. behind the tile.

Our system is engineered for the following surface applications (each surface below has a unique anchoring solution):

Tile from 5/32" to 1/2" Thickness

Stone from 1/2" to 7/8 (2cm) Thickness

Panelized Thin-tile, Cultured Marble & Solid Surface from 5/32" to 1/2" Thickness

Gypsum Wallboard (Drywall) 1/2" Thickness


Storage Baskets – Storage solution for personal care – containers from 1oz to 32oz

Rectangular and Pie shape shelving – Storage solution for personal care – containers from 1oz to 32oz

Hooks – Organize anything the hangs with a rope, clothing, wash cloths or body towels

Towel Bars – Arrange mats and body towels

Toilet Tissue Holders – 2 post

Grab Bars – ADA compliant; 18”, 24”, 36”and 42”

Foot Prop – Assist and leg shaving foot rest… hotelier utility

Seating – ADA compliant; offered with teak wood and acrylic solid surface seat covers - COMING SOON!