TileWare Products

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Mission Statement

Desiring to express our best we embrace the following:

  • To praise and acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Savior and Redeemer of all humanity.
  • To choose behaviors and attitudes that are consistent with Christ's message and love; and
  • To reciprocate Christ's generosity and kindness.

Customer Promise

  • To serve our customers with attitudes and behaviors that are sober, calm and impartial.
  • To design and deliver products that meet or exceed performance expectations; and.
  • To willfully and constantly improve our products and services.

What are we correcting?

TileWare Products, is the inventor of the PermaTile™ System, the first "non-penetrating, non-intrusive fastener system" that will not violate waterproofing. Our system working with tile and thin-set will fix a failure that has never been fixed before. By using our technology instead of traditional wall anchors we totally eliminate accessory mounting failures.

Experience the beginning of a new era in tile integration and functionality as TileWare "EXPANDS THE FUNCTION AND USE OF TILE". TileWare represents a new value for the tile industry. Currently, no other manufacturer is offering solid metal products with plumbing quality coatings exclusively for tile construction systems.

Vision for new product applications

The tile industry has a prolific and deep sense of value as a static construction material. TileWare wants to expand those values to include more dynamic applications. TileWare is authoring a personal mandate to become the inventor of unrealized surface opportunities. Our principal goal is to see tile industry related products used in methods and venues that are new and creative. Our hope is to substantiate these opportunities through innovation that will result in new revenue and profitability for the industry at large.

Mortar is our connection

Mortar is literally our connection to the tile industry. TileWare's vision is to innovate, engineer and connect product applications that have their primary value illustrated in and through mortar based products. This affinity with mortar enables TileWare to revalue decorative and functional amenities as tile industry brand products. Because our agenda is inseparably connected to mortar, TileWare can confidently state that our focus is specifically centered on tile professionals and the delivery channel that supports their efforts. All our product innovations will be sold through this singular delivery system which has been remarkably successful in satisfying consumers and their surface expectations.

Innovating more than products

Creativity is one of the greatest privileges afforded to and shared by all humanity. Creativity becomes the seed of innovation and the starting point for establishing renewable, sustainable and measurable value. In this light, TileWare considers it a great honor to conceptualize solutions and subsequently articulate them as values to our partners in the tile industry. Our motivation to serve the industry consists of:

  • Innovating interactive and dynamic products
  • Innovating new and prolific revenue sources
  • Innovating inventory systems that reduce distributor investment

Creativity is our inspiration towards a better future, while value represents the assuredness of measurement and performance. Combining them forges a business agenda wrought with passionate hearts, purposeful minds and principled leadership.