Canadian Customs Clearance Options

Tileware Products Canada Customers

Customs Clearance Options for Small Package Shipments

(not applicable to palletized freight shipments)


Customer’s Broker

Freight Carrier (UPS or your designated carrier) clears customs by submitting shipment information to your designated Customs Clearance Broker


COD Collection

Freight Carrier (UPS or DHL) notifies Customer and collects Canada Duties and Taxes COD (Customer check required upon delivery by UPS or DHL). Note: No charge for processing - only Duties and Taxes are collected and remitted to Canada.


Tileware Products - UPS Customs Brokerage

Alternative for Customer to eliminate COD for Canada Duties and Taxes where Tileware Products has contracted with UPS for Customs Brokerage and bills Customer for Duties and Taxes on the shipped order invoice along with freight charges and brokerage service fee. Brokerage Service Fee Schedule to Customer:

Total Invoice Amount for Customer Order

Brokerage Service Fee

Up to $200

$ 10.00

Over $200 and up to $1,000

$ 30.00

Over $1,000 and up to $2,500

$ 45.00

Over $2,500

$ 65.00