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Expanding Tile Utility and Functionality

TileWare's vision is to see the industry sell more core products using innovative solutions. TileWare is engaging this vision with a campaign called, "Let’s Tile the World", building creativity and excellence in utility for tile professionals.

If the industry is going to experience growth, it needs one singular component - surfaces. Surfaces translate into tile, mortar and sundry industry sales. Though the industry has a deep and comprehensive understanding of what builds revenue, TileWare wants to construct a new sales agenda. This agenda consists of developing utility that surpasses what is traditionally accepted. TileWare represents a new product value for the tile industry, yet reinforces traditional mortar based installation systems.

Architectural and Commercial Advantages using Promessa™ Series Baskets

TileWare’s total cost of delivery is easily 25-30% less than installs that require wood blocking and drilling into the tile. Additionally, we’ll outperform any other installation system not only in cost but in longevity – our solid brass baskets will literally last decades. Remember, traditional basket installs will cost hotel proprietor‘s for a lifetime, always failing and always needing repair. FF&E (fixtures, furniture and equipment) is an ongoing hospitality expense. Cost justification should include initial material and labor to install along with cost of repair and maintenance. TileWare’s initial costs are equal up-front with huge savings through the hotels life. The real value to hotel proprietors is represented when basket mounting and utility work... that's customer satisfaction!

Extra ammo!!

Baskets and System Values:

  • No penetration into interior wall cavity
  • Solid brass utility - never rusts
  • Providing ferrules for easy cleaning
  • No exposed screws
  • Only stainless screws - will not oxidize
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel fastener
  • 1175 lbs of system strength, ½ ton

Values for the General Contractor:

  • No blocking required
  • Products that can be located anywhere in a shower, even above and below the valve
  • Vertical accountability of install
  • Providing near zero frequency of basket failure
  • Near zero maintenance costs
  • Proprietor can quickly repair and replace in minutes
  • Plugged with a brass cap, harder to steal

Values for the Tile Contractor:

  • Install in 5 minutes or less in a grout joint
  • No after work tile drilling, no mess, no broken tiles, no unaccountable schedules
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to learn