New… Foot Prop, Leg Shaving & Accessibility Utility

So excited that we can share our Foot Prop innovation!

As US consumers, we love our shower spaces and we're spending more money than ever to make them personal and functional. In a recent Houzz bathroom trend study, we see that consumers are specifically investing in much larger shower spaces, which include both hard surface tile and increased accessibility features. This trend makes the integration of these products measurably more valuable to design and construction leaders and, most importantly, to consumers.

TileWare is equipped to satisfy this consumer need for integration with genuine product solutions, including our Foot Prop. This leg shaving and accessibility utility also bridges the gap between universal design and simple functionality. Consumers are much too savvy to invest in just beautiful design - they seek products that work, both in terms of value and usefulness for years to come. It’s one thing to follow trends, but it’s quite another to offer consumers lasting, solidly engineered and manufactured products. TileWare considers the consumer experience well beyond the initial purchase of our products.

Because of our products’ synergy with the tile industry, we collectively fix a major consumer problem, providing users with products that will perform for decades. As the tile industry continues to embrace our technology, we collectively protect the consumer from failures associated with wall anchors and penetrating the wall cavity. The industry was not focused upon accessory failures prior to TileWare, even though they occur in millions of applications every year. However, if we genuinely value our industry, it is incumbent upon us to constantly improve consumer expectation and product performance. We’re thankful that TileWare genuinely solves a major consumer problem, but even more thankful we can actually reach users with our solution through the tile industry.

Please take a moment to follow the step by step install below and see how simple it is to create functional utility in a way that will last for decades.

  • 5 minute installation

  • Equipped with slip resistance treads

  • Solid zinc (will never rust)

  • Tile industry exclusive (installs with tile)

  • Hospitality specified

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