Press Release, March 27, 2015... FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

TileWare’s Revolutionary Construction Solution

TileWare Products is the inventor of the PermaTile™ Fastener System, the first “non-penetrating, non-intrusive fastener technology” exclusively for tile professionals. TileWare’s objective is to ATTACH TO, NOT THROUGH - purposefully protecting waterproofing, while permanently fixing consumer utility.

Experience the beginning of a new era in tile-related sales and consumer functionality as TileWare "EXPANDS THE FUNCTION AND USE OF TILE." TileWare is currently the only worldwide manufacturer that has solved the accessory mounting dilemma. TileWare’s technology is composed of both rough-in fasteners (our system) and decorative trim (the actual accessory). Fasteners install using traditional tile installation methods and timing. Tile professionals simply install our system with tile and thin-set mortar – install requires no special tools and can occur in minutes. Trim represents the decorative accessory that attaches to our mortar-based system (storage baskets, hooks, towel bars, grab bars, foot props & glass shelving). Products are manufactured with premium metal coatings for residential and commercial shower purposes. Products will never rust, clean easily and are hygienic. Most importantly, accessories will stay firmly attached to tiled walls throughout their intended life without loosening or pulling away.

Consumers Need Tile Industry Leadership

To date, the U.S tile industry has been almost exclusively a shelf-related utility. However, today’s consumers demand expanded utility and TileWare’s storage and accessibility solutions compliment traditional tile accessories.  Until TileWare, the tile industry offered only shelving solutions (corner caddies & niches). However, the U.S. consumer has many other organization and accessibility requirements. This is exactly where TileWare helps…offering holistic shower solutions that genuinely provide consumers with practical ways to organize personal care products, while creating accessibility in their shower space. TileWare’s product solutions are genuinely important consumer considerations for both designers and tile installation professionals, especially considering the aging population. Consumers need the leadership of the U.S. tile industry to provide solutions that are not only waterproof and long-lasting, but demographically significant. Grab bars alone represent a marketing potential that is currently 3 times greater than niches and will continue to increase as the aging demographic increases.

Tile Professionals are the “ONLY” Solution

Presently, tile professionals are building more tiled showers than any other surface solution. TileWare embraces the connection between the tile installer and thin-set! When combining all of the components of a professionally-tiled shower (tile-board, waterproofing, thin-set, PermaTile™ Fastener System, tile & grout), the tile professionals totally correct a major consumer problem. Only through the leadership of tile professionals using professional TileWare systems can consumers be assured that their accessories will perform as long as their tiled showers!