Stop Using Wall Anchors in Tile Showers

What does this "NO WALL ANCHOR" message mean to you? It's an important question because it will eliminate a lot of pain and frustration before you spend time and money installing grab bars in showers... specifically tile showers. Every consumer has had a negative experience with wall anchors at some time, with accessories hanging, loosening or pulling out of the wall. I received a call from a gentleman that spent approximately $20,000 on a tile bathroom renovation. He was calling me after his bathroom had already been completed. Along with his new tile shower he purchased very expensive grab bars ($800ea), they were installed with traditional wall anchors. Needless to say, the man was livid when he discovered that his grab bars were pulling out of the wall. This anchoring failure cast a shadow across his beautiful new bathroom tile project. What frustrated this individual the most, no one would take responsibility for this failure... neither the plumber nor the tile installer. This happens all the time, very expensive tile showers are built then drilled by some unaccountable contractor who ends up violating waterproofing and installing an accessory that eventually pulls away from the wall. This is exactly why TileWare is engaging the tile industry with reliable and durable waterproof anchoring technology. TileWare wants to fix this problem for a lifetime, so consumers never feel the frustration of their grab bars not working proper again. TileWare's PermaTile™ Rough-in Anchoring Technology - click here

Not only is TileWare fixing this anchoring problem for every tile shower that installs our technology! Interestingly, the fix comes with minimalistic styling along with very easy and efficient installation. The industry is building over 5 million tile showers annually in the U.S. With TileWare, consumers now have a product solution that genuinely advocates for reliability, waterproofing as well as installer accountability. TileWare is providing consumers a new revelation concerning accessories mounting in tile... "always install anchors with wall tile products and systems and never after." When accessory installation occurs after the consumer always loses. TileWare's Mission - click here

David H. Scalise


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