Promessa™ Tee Hook (Contemporary)
With a 'T' shape, our Tee Hook will be the 'jewel' of your shower or bath and installs wherever you have a tiled surface. Promessa™ Series Hooks for tiled showers provide the solution for hanging your shower and bath essentials. Not only extraordinary strong, this system was designed for installation exclusively by tile professionals. Constructed from stainless steel our premium finishes come with a 5 year warranty. TileWare's contemporary and traditional styling elements and variety of finishes will seamlessly integrate with your shower and bath design. By combining style, function and our patented, mortar-based fastener technology, our hooks provide both style and longevity.

Tee Hook (Contemporary)

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Product Description: Round Tile Wall Anchor
Product Description: Tee Hook Sleeve
Product Description: Contemporary Cap
Product Description: 3mm Washer

PermaTile™ Rough-In Anchoring System

OUR TECHNOLOGY - Mounting failures and compromised waterproofing are now things of the past. TileWare Products introduces our watermark innovation, the PermaTile™ Rough-In Anchoring System: the only non-penetrating, non-intrusive mortar-based anchoring technology that protects waterproofed tile construction systems. Our patented technology combines tile-substrates, thin-set "cement" adhesive, tile and our specially-configured stainless steel anchors into a single monolithic structure... like rebar in cement. TileWare's welded anchoring assemblies transfer the mechanical load across multiple adhesive points, instead of a single penetrating drill point. Our blended system becomes one with the wall tile, holding 1175 lbs behind the tile.