Boundless™ L-Shaped Corner Shelf for Tile
Give Your Bathroom the L Factor with TileWare Tub and Shower Shelves!
TileWare Products' Boundless L Shaped corner bathtub or shower shelf is the perfect accessory for your new bathroom or renovation project. Our corner shelves for tile are made of acrylic solid surfaces with a matte finish. They provide a sleek, simple, modern design that works with all types of bathroom décor, while offering maximum storage for all your bathing must-haves, including shampoo, conditioner, soap, shaving cream, and more. It turns the shower of your dreams into a blissful spa environment, keeping all your personal care items displayed within easy reach. The L shaped configuration hugs perimeter walls, without over-crowding your personal space, which is so valuable, especially in small sized showers and tubs. One individual shelf provides 22 inches of storage capacity after installation – which is twice as big as a traditional 9 inch corner shelf or shower caddy. Each floating shelf can be used interchangeably on both right and left-facing walls and may be stacked or staggered, which gives you endless design options (see our illustration). Please note these tile in shelves are intended for either new or renovated tile shower projects. TileWare endorses professional tile installation methods and materials when installing our shelves, which ensures it lasts for decades. Our corner shelves can be used wherever tile and shelving are integrated, such as steam rooms, kitchens, wet bars, powder rooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, or pet showers. Whether you are a designer, contractor, or you like to DIY, these shelves offer both style and functionality.
  • LOVELY L SHAPE: Bathroom shelf for tile has an L shape that can be used on left or right facing tub and shower walls. See our shelving layouts and design themes to get inspiration for stacked or staggered looks when using multiple shelves.
  • NO SEALERS NEEDED: Each bath corner shelf is made in the USA of acrylic solid surface which is durable and nonporous. It has a matte white finish on both sides, and is water, stain, and chemical resistant, providing an impervious surface that is easy to maintain, clean and disinfect.
  • LARGE HOLDER SURFACE: The floating shelf offers 22 inches of storage capacity as a stand and organizer for shampoo, soap, body wash, and other items. It is over 2X larger than the typical 9-in corner shelf.
  • EZ INSTALLATION: You don’t have to be a professional contractor, as any DIY-er can confidently and reliably mount these shelves on tile walls. In addition to placing them in the shower, they can be hung by the toilet, sink, over the vanity countertop, or in your kitchen, laundry room, mudroom, and more. To install correctly, shelves must be placed under tile edge. Note: shelves install with tile not after.
  • SHOWER OF YOUR DREAMS: These corner bath shelves are intended for either new or renovated tile shower projects. TileWare endorses professional tile installation methods and materials when installing our bathroom shelves, which ensures they last for decades..
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PermaTile™ Rough-In Anchoring System

OUR TECHNOLOGY - Mounting failures and compromised waterproofing are now things of the past. TileWare Products introduces our watermark innovation, the PermaTile™ Rough-In Anchoring System: the only non-penetrating, non-intrusive mortar-based anchoring technology that protects waterproofed tile construction systems. Our patented technology combines tile-substrates, thin-set "cement" adhesive, tile and our specially-configured stainless steel anchors into a single monolithic structure... like rebar in cement. TileWare's welded anchoring assemblies transfer the mechanical load across multiple adhesive points, instead of a single penetrating drill point. Our blended system becomes one with the wall tile, holding 1175 lbs behind the tile.