Promessa™ Series Shower Baskets

TileWare shower baskets offer a versatile and total shower organization solution for tiled showers. These high-quality, beautiful baskets can be placed anywhere in conjunction with and between individual wall tiles in the shower to personalize your organization needs. It’s like having a built-in, custom-made, perfectly-placed and sized shower caddy for tile shower storage that fits you and your lifestyle.

Not only do TileWare’s Promessa™ Series baskets offer an exceptional and well-designed bath and shower accessories solution to ensure that your toiletries stay neat and organized and are close at hand, but they provide you with peace of mind. You can have confidence that your shower system will remain completely waterproof, as the baskets are installed with TileWare’s first-of-its-kind, patented PermaTile™ Thinset Anchoring Technology. Our tile-specific anchors were designed to protect homeowners from waterproofing compromises. Other shower wire baskets and similar metal accessories sold with either plastic drywall wall anchors or wall fasteners compromise waterproofing and make the inner wall cavity vulnerable to accidental drilling risks that may result in damaged electrical components or plumbing. One of the primary purposes of our technology is to protect shower system products offered by Schluter, Wedi or Laticrete from unwarranted drilling and anchoring penetrations.

Our baskets and other accessories work flawlessly together to become part of a complete tile shower design and enable homeowners to create and benefit from a holistic shower experience. It’s not enough to just have a beautiful tile space, it also needs to work beautifully. As you plan your shower project and select your tile, your shower utility needs to be part of that plan, so that you can fully utilize and enjoy this essential, frequently-used space in your home. By providing a total, comprehensive solution, TileWare’s products allow you to achieve ultimate comfort and relaxation by making the best use of an inviting, efficient and harmonious space.

Unlike niches, which have been used in tiled showers for years despite the fact that they are expensive to build, have limited utility and very little surface area for personal care products, these bathroom storage baskets provide abundant, built-in storage at an attractive and competitive price point. They also beautifully coordinate and integrate seamlessly with our other shower organization products and accessibility accessories. You can choose from acrylic solid surface, stainless steel and glass tile shower shelves. Entirely customize your shower space to enhance and maximize utility while creating a luxurious spa-like retreat as you mix and match TileWare storage baskets and tile shower shelves with:

 TileWare hooks – perfect to hang and keep your bath pouf, loofa, sponge or washcloth handy;
 TileWare foot prop – ideal to help you safely and effortlessly shave your legs and wash your legs and feet;
 TileWare towel bars – conveniently store your towel nearby and help to speed the drying process; and
 TileWare grab bars – stylishly offers ADA-compliant safety and comfort when entering, exiting or using your bath or shower.

We manufacture reliable, hygienic stainless steel baskets that will never rust, unlike the carbon steel caddies that hang over your showerhead or other similar accessories often purchased from retail stores as an afterthought. Since they become a stable part of your shower landscape, they will never loosen, slide, pull away or fall like baskets and other accessories that only have suction cups or adhesives to keep them in place. All of our products are strong, durable and easy to clean and care for, so you can be sure that your accessories can withstand daily use. Your thoughtful decision to use TileWare accessories as part of your project assures that your beautifully built or renovated tile shower space will perform impeccably and remain beautiful for years to come.

We offer three finishes – polished chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze – and several shapes, sizes and configurations of baskets for shower storage to fit every need. The rectangular shampoo basket and deep corner basket provide ample room for several bathing products. The extra deep rectangular shampoo basket and extra deep corner basket are an option for taller, larger bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. You can also securely and neatly store bars of soap and smaller items in our shallow corner soap basket, rectangular soap basket or combination basket, which includes two bath soap baskets. Whether you need one, two or more storage solutions, remember to plan thoroughly, especially if you share the space.

Our products also offer incredible versatility throughout your home. TileWare baskets are not just a shower tile accessory – they offer a practical storage solution that can be incorporated with your kitchen backsplash, the backsplash or wall tile near the sinks and plumbing in your powder room, kitchen, wet bar, mudroom or laundry room, and anywhere else you have tiled walls. They can even help you keep everything you need close by to quickly and easily bathe your furry friend in his or her pet shower.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We make installation fast, easy and cost-effective. Unlike other accessories manufacturers who only include plastic drywall anchors, we supply a substantial anchoring technology engineered exclusively for tile applications, along with simple instructions right in the kit. The value of our anchors represents a measurable portion of the total cost of the kit at retail. Importantly, when you purchase our products, you are not purchasing just an accessory but also a superior anchoring system. You will have all you need to install our products and will not need to purchase any other materials or fasteners. Our Installation Videos also provide DIY’ers and construction and home improvement professionals with hands-on, personalized help and we are always just a phone call or email away.

Explore the TileWare website for more inspiration and tile accessory and shower system ideas to thoughtfully design a unique, organized and complete shower space that caters to your individual style and needs. We look forward to helping you and your architect, contractor, designer or tile professional with your new construction or tile renovation project to create and bring your vision to life - the possibilities are endless.

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