I am a Tile Professional

Value Proposition: 

How TileWare Values Tile Professionals

  • Accessory and anchoring kits that will never loosen or pull away from wall tile surfaces. This single point justifies our retail value.
  • Allows the tile installer to solve a major consumer problem... and get paid for it.
  • Installs with tile and thin-set... same timing.
  • Allows Rough-in to be installed independent of trim.
  • Purchase either, "Complete Kits" or "Rough-in and Trim Kits" separately.
  • Easy... installs in minutes, between 5 and 15 minutes... as compared to 2 or 3 hours for a niche.
  • Labor investment is 5x more profitable than niches.
  • Gives tile installers an option to present a more complete accessory offering... beyond just niches.
  • Our PermaTile™ Rough-in Fastener will never violate waterproofing.
  • Works with all tile-substrates including, cementitious boards or foam-core boards.
  • Works with liquid and sheet membrane systems.
  • Works with A118.1, A118.4 and A118.15 thin-set adhesives.
  • All our products are engineered for both tile and gypsum wallboard installations.
  • TileWare provides a limited lifetime warranty on all residential installations. Lifetime on anchors and 5 years on plated finishes.