I am a Designer

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Value Proposition: 

How TileWare Values Designers

  • Residential style and accessibility accessories that lean towards minimalism and simplistic beauty.
  • Offering ADA compliant products that don't look impersonal or unattractive.
  • Universal Design products themes that offer dual utility (grab bar/towel bar combination products).
  • Finishes include: Chrome (PC), Brushed Nickel (BN) and Oil Rub Bronze (ORB).
  • Allowing for a more holistic shower design, combining surfaces and accessories into a single conversation.
  • Allowing for individualized accessory selection, making the shower conversation about specific needs and expectations.
  • Anchoring technology that will never loosen and/or pulling away from the wall.
  • Allows designers to position accessories anywhere in the shower space, even above or below the shower valve. This represents new real estate, verses just relegating accessories to corners.
  • Reinforces the importance of waterproofing and why our solution is necessary.
  • Accessory products that stay firmly mounted to tile surfaces with unprecedented strength, reliability and durability.